Monday, October 24, 2011

Incredible One Eyed Albino Baby Shark

Found in the belly of its bull shark mother, this astounding real life albino baby shark appears to have one eye!

Dubbed the “Cyclops” shark, it was one of ten shark pups pulled from the mother’s stomach by a commercial fisherman off the southeast coast of La Paz, Mexico.

Many initially doubted the validity of the shark images, but Felipe Galvan, a Mexican scientist, confirmed that he had examined the shark and had completed a scientific paper about it.

He also said the shark suffered from cyclopia, a rare disorder that produces only one eye due to the bodies inability to split the eye orbits into separate cavities. There have been only around 50 recorded cases of this extremely rare defect. Shark fishing is common in the area due to families in coastal Baja not having many other options to make a living.

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